Saturday, June 18, 2011

Herman Cain flip flop on abortion?

Herman said he wants to defund Planned Parenthood - but has no clue how:

Cain said he supports revoking the federal taxpayer funding for the abortion business: “I support de-funding Planned Parenthood. “Tactically how [Congress] does it…I can’t tell you.”

Now - he refuses to sign the SBA pledge that all the other historical pro life candidates signed (Romney refused as well, but he also brought in cheap abortions to MA).

Five of the Republican presidential candidates seeking the GOP nomination to take on pro-abortion President Barack Obama in 2012 have signed onto a pro-life pledge the Susan B. Anthony List has sponsored, but Mitt Romney and Herman Cain have declined.

What type of things is in this pledge?

* Select pro-life appointees for relevant Cabinet and Executive Branch positions, in particular the head of National Institutes of Health, the Department of Health & Human Services, and the Department of Justice;

So Herman will appoint a pro-abort, but not a Muslim?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Herman Cain's latest Flip Flop: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Presidential hopefuls Herman Cain and Tim Pawlenty have retreated on their calls to reinstate “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” the Clinton-era law that bars gay and bisexual troops from serving openly.
Cain, the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, also told Fischer that he would back reinstatement of DADT.
But both men backed off during Monday night's presidential debate in New Hampshire, leaving only former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum to call for the law's return.
Cain said that while he wouldn't have overturned “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” he doesn't believe it wise to undo it now.
“Now that they have changed it, I wouldn't create a distraction trying to turn it over as president,” Cain said. “Our men and women have too many other things to be concerned about rather than have to deal with that as a distraction.”

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alan Keyes: Herman Cain's Unconstitutional Plan

Alan Keyes, a historic black conservative, has this to say about Herman Cain's Muslim plan how it is blatantly unconstitutional:

Herman Cain is certainly aware that the First Amendment withholds from the U.S. government the power lawfully to prohibit the free exercise of religion. But has he thought at all about the connection between that provision and the one that says that no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification for "any office or public trust under the United States"? Mr. Cain apparently believes that in today's world Americans have good reason to distrust any follower of Islam. But the Constitution explicitly prohibits officials of the U.S. government from applying religion as a criterion for public trust, whatever their individual inclinations. This means that whatever his personal predilections, as president of the United States Mr. Cain (and anyone else elected to that office) would be required to set aside his personal views. He could not as a matter of public policy take the position that an office or public trust under the U.S. government (including a seat on the Supreme Court) would be withheld from someone of the Muslim or any other religion until they dispelled to his satisfaction some prejudice (however justified it seems to him, to me or to anyone else) as to their loyalty.

Read more:Does Cain's test for Muslims fail the Constitution?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Herman - do you have any policies?

- On what he would have done better than George W. Bush: "I would have worked harder to pass personal retirement accounts ... I would have tried to get Karen Hughes to stay on staff and not go back to Texas. She provided a great balance of advice with Karl Rove."
- On Bush's immigration plan: "I don't recall what was in it."
- On free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea: "I don't know the details."
- On Libya: "I would have had a plan before it erupted ... Not knowing what we knew, it's difficult to say how I would have reacted."
- On Afghanistan: "My foreign policy is not an instant-grits policy ... As a successful businessman, I make decisions based on getting as many fo the facts and as much of the advice as I can. Based on the input I receive, I'll make a decision. Right now, without all of the facts, it's irresponsible to announce a Cain plan."

Read more:

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Accurate facts win the war, remember that Herman...

So how much of the U.S. debt, exactly, does China hold? In a speech at a tea party event in Iowa on April 16, 2011, potential Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said it's 26 percent...
We e-mailed a spokeswoman at Friends of Herman Cain to substantiate the figure and did not hear back....
More than two-thirds of the debt is held by U.S. residents and institutions. When you look at everyone who holds U.S. treasury security, China's share drops to 8.1 percent ($1.15 trillion out of $14 trillion).
In other words, Cain should have dropped in some qualifiers to make his statement accurate. For example, he could have said "among the foreign holders of U.S. debt, China ranks first and holds 26 percent." But he didn't. Cain said simply that China "is holding 26 percent of our debt." There are a couple ways to consider debt, but using the two most common, Cain is either off by more than double or more than triple. We rate Cain's statement False.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Herman Cain wrecking the case against Obamacare

I'm not a supporter of Canadian style health care, but we have to use accurate statistics or we'll lose ground in this fight. The left is going to attack us, so please let's double-check our numbers:


Cain told The Root, a black perspectives online magazine: "In Canada, the number of CT scan machines per 1,000 people is like one-tenth of what we have here in this country. That's why people have to wait."

That’s a huge difference, so PolitiFact decided we’d pass this statement through our own diagnostic equipment to see whether Cain’s prognosis is accurate...

Unfortunately Cain would not tell us how he determined the number of CT scanners in Canada and the United States. In fact, neither he nor anyone from his staff would say anything to us beyond, "I don’t think we’re going to comment."

But PolitiFact did find data quantifying the number of CT scans per capita....

Canada has fewer CT scanners per capita than Greece and Portugal, two countries on the verge of bankruptcy, and it certainly has fewer than the United States, but not "like one-tenth." It’s more like one-third....

If Cain had said Canada has one-third the number of CT scanners of the United States, he would have been correct and then we could have examined whether this lack of capacity really does make Canada’s system inferior.

That’s not what he said, though, and it doesn’t take a 3-D X-ray imager to know that one-tenth is different than one-third.

If we distort the case to win a battle, we're going to lose the war.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Herman Cain supports TARP!

Herman Cain on TARP:

Earth to taxpayers! Owning stocks in banks is not nationalization of the banking industry....Owning a part of the major banks in America is not a bad thing. We could make a profit while solving a problem....The free market purists’ objection to this is that it smacks at government control of the banking industry, which is called nationalization. They are correct.

So Herman Cain is a supporter of TARP while John McCain "was misled into supporting TARP". Yes McCain did vote for it, but at least he realizes he was wrong.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Herman, tell us more about your radio show

Like Americans like successful people. How successful is your radio show? Surely its one of the top 100 talk radio programs in the country right? Let's check Talker's Magazine Heavy Hundred. Huh, you're not on the top 100. Maybe they don't have your station listed - oh wait:
  • WSB's Neil Boortz - #13
  • WSB's Clark Howard - #28
Maybe they just don't like conservatives - oh wait:
  • Rush Limbaugh - #1
  • Sean Hannity - #2
  • Glenn Beck - #3
  • Michael Savage - #4
Or at least one of the top 250, right - oh wait. You're not even ranked as one of the second-tier hosts - the #101-250 talkers in the country? Even fellow African American Conservative Armstrong Williams made the list - and he got busted for getting paid to plug No Child Left Behind.

At least WSB must put you in prime time because you're so wonderful, right? Oh wait - you're not the prime time drive time host - they run Hannity. You're the guy after Hannity that they'll bump for UGA Men's Basketball.

Sounds like John Cox, another radio host that ran for president and sued Fox News because they wouldn't let him in on their debate.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Herman, do people know why your last presidential campaign failed?

If he runs, Cain says he will advocate market-oriented reforms of health care and Social Security, plus a ''simpler and fairer'' tax system. Each of these issues ranks high on the GOP's economic agenda. But unlike many in his party, Cain opposes school vouchers for private schools and backs efforts only to ''revisit,'' not eliminate, affirmative action. He declined to give his position on abortion rights.

In the primaries, Cain's moderate social stances could pose problems. But his personal wealth and links to the association's grass-roots money could help, a lobbyist said. Cain once showed up at a restaurant group board meeting, took the microphone, and challenged the 70-or-so board members to match his on-the-spot political donation. ''People responded,'' the lobbyist recalled, ''but the room was ashen-faced for a moment.''

The long odds against his presidential bid lead some analysts to maintain that Cain could leverage his free media coverage during the campaign into another office. Cain conceded that he would welcome a vice-presidential nomination or a Cabinet appointment if the GOP nominee wins in 2000. But for now, Cain emphasized that he's focusing only on a presidential bid.
National Journal March 6, 1999

Oh - didn't you tell them about your last run for office?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Herman Cain's Flip Flop Hero?

Usually when a candidate flip flops excessively, he has a mentor, a hero, a role model.

Could he have as a mentor that Republican who gave new meaning to the term "Flip Flop" - the one whose "health care reform" inspired Obamacare? The man whose flip-flops fill the web, especially at

While the internet is being carefully scrubbed of references to his past, Cain actually did support Mitt Romney!

the "Economic Freedom Coalition":

Mitt Romney has done that as a chief executive officer in business, as a governor and as head of the U.S. Olympics. He has done so while balancing political consequences, but not compromising fundamental principles of the founding of this country or free-market economics. We have prospered as a nation by strengthening those principles, and will not remain strong if we allow those principles to become diluted with a lack of leadership...

Mitt Romney's history is more indicative of the substance needed to make major progress on critical issues, and not just to make more politically palatable incremental changes in Washington D.C....

But Mitt Romney's leadership credentials offer the best hope of a leader with substance, and the best hope for a good president who could turn out to be great.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Herman Cain flip-flops: Audit the Fed, School Choice, Iraq Withdrawal, and counting...

Flip Flop on: Audit the Fed

HT United Liberty:

But here we are just four weeks and a presidential campaign announcement later, and Cain has done a turnabout... Before Cain said anything about the Federal Reserve, I noted that while he is an incredibly nice and approachable guy, Cain is inconsistent and somewhat of an opportunist. My friends, what I’ve posted above is “Exhibit A.”

This is a great link on Herman Cain's flip-flop on auditing the Fed - take the time and read it!

Flip Flop on: School Vouchers

As we mentioned earlier, Herman Cain opposed vouchers in his last run for president because public schools "were never intended to compete like businesses".


Yes, he said. “Competition makes everything better.” He told about the success of the Washington DC school choice program, with over 90 percent of the students going on to college. But the Democrat-led Congress and the President would not re-authorize the program. The teachers unions don’t like competition, he said, and this was the reason why.

-Wichita Liberty

Flip Flop on: Iraq Withdrawal

A few minutes earlier, Cain himself had said that he thought Bush would begin a gradual draw down of troops. The next thing you know, he's ranting about the need to not cut and run when somebody else makes the same point. Cain wrote a book called They Think You're Stupid. Cain must think we're stupid, too.


Herman, do the evangelicals know what you think?

Yeah, they hear you trying to pander to them, but do you tell them what you're core issues are?

He added, "I am not a social-issue crusader. I am a free-enterprise crusader."

Nation's Restaurant News, October 5, 1998

But even if you were for "free-enterprise" - why are you hung up on affirmative action?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Herman, do the pro-lifers know what you really think?

You talk a nice line in Georgia...

I believe we need a United States Senator who says what he means in Georgia. Then does what he says in Washington. I'm pro-life today. I'll be pro-life tomorrow. And I'll be pro-life as your Senator. Conservative? You bet. To me it's common sense.


But do people know what you said in Nebraska?

"Too many people in the electorate are single-issue voters," he commented, "and to try and cater to the single-issue voters and the single-issue pockets out there felt like I was compromising my beliefs. As an example, with the pro-life and pro-abortion debate, the most vocal people are on the ends. I am pro-life with exceptions, and people want you to be all or nothing."

Nation's Restaurant News, October 5, 1998

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Herman, what is it with you and affirmative action?

The league's president, Dr. R.Y. Woodhouse, said Smith was chosen partly for his role "as a pioneer and trailblazer for African American politicians."

She also noted Smith's leadership in the city's equal housing amendment, affirmative action legislation, greater city employment of minorities and said he was "a calm and mediating voice during the civil rights struggle in the 1960s and '70s."

The banquet's keynote speaker will be Herman Cain, president and chief executive officer of GodFather's Pizza Inc. Last year, he received the International Food Service Manufacturers Association's operator of the year gold plate award. He serves on a number of boards, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Super Valu Stores Inc. and the National Restaurant Association.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer - June 3, 1992, Wednesday , FINAL

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Herman, did you tell people about your award?

Herman Cain, former National Restaurant Association chairman and now head of his own speakers bureau, won a lifetime achievement award for his efforts to diversify foodservice.

Nation's Restaurant News, August 21, 2000

Really? What does it mean to diversify foodservice? We thought you were the turnaround king for Godfather's pizza?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Herman, how are you going to pander to evangelicals?

“When I contacted the second opinion surgeon, who was a specialist, his name was Dr. Lord, L-O-R-D, I said 'Things are starting to look a little better'…”

“I was given an orientation by a lady whose last name was Grace. I said 'As in Amazing Grace?' She said 'That’s right'...“

“How are you going to do it without cutting me open twice?”
“I’m going to do an incision in the shape of a J”
“You mean like J-E-S-U-S?”
He said, “That’s right!”

C'mon Herman, you can do better than that... at least tell them that you're praying for guidance...

"One question that was asked repeatedly was whether Mr. Cain plans to run for president in 2012. He was noncommittal, but said that he is praying for guidance on the subject."

Just don't tell them about who the people in Nebraska think is the real deity of your faith...

Welcome to the church of Herman Cain.

There are no pews, Bibles or even much talk of God. It's not that sort of ministry.

This is just a businessman from Omaha - dominating a stage set beneath two giant television screens and between two lonely lecterns - preaching to hundreds of Burger King franchisees at their annual convention.

This is more like a traveling salvation show for the business class. The sermon is 100 percent free enterprise. The preacher is chairman of Omaha-based Godfather's Pizza and president of the National Restaurant Association.

Cain Carries Free-Enterprise Campaign Omaha World Herald (Nebraska) November 30, 1997, Sunday,

UPDATE: Please don't tell me you accused others of pandering!!!  HotAir:

But Cain said that the prayerful moments, which were well-received when Bachmann and Pawlenty delivered them yesterday, smacked of candidates trying a little too hard.
“Well, that sounds like the ultimate pander,” he said, dismissively.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Herman, are you an also ran?

Such 2012 non-entities are already lining themselves up for failure. We have Herman Cain, who couldn’t win a primary in his own party for U.S. Senate, styling himself as the heir apparent to Alan Keyes wing of the Republican Party.

Herman, why are gays going for you?

I’m gay and I will support Herman Cain all the way. He’s a good man with a lot of good ideas.

Herman, why does this sound like Stimulus 3?

After this quote, I'm not sure if I need to expose Herman Cain anymore. Seriously - why is this any different than a "tax rebate"

He said he would campaign on providing a one-year payroll tax holiday for workers and employers, which he said would total about the same size as the $787 billion federal economic stimulus. He called the stimulus approved last year "wasteful," but said his plan would be effective because the money would move entirely through the private sector.
-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Herman, why are other people not excited about you?


However, Cain was largely silent during the six years of runaway spending under the Bush Administration and a Republican-controlled Congress. Like most Republicans, he only acknowledged his party’s failings after it was too late to do anything about it.

He backed the Wall Street bailout, or according to Cain, the “recovery plan,” as he called it on his radio show. Cain wrote that nationalizing banks “is not a bad thing.” He even went as far as criticizing opponents of the bailout, calling them “free market purists” and absurdly claiming that no valid criticism had been brought forward.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Herman, why won't you stand up to the teacher unions?

Cain admits to flirting with the idea of elective office but cautions not to expect him "to get in line like a duck and go along with a couple of flawed positions" of the GOP...

Also flawed, Cain said, is the Republican push to provide vouchers for low-income children to attend private schools. That would mean disaster for public schools, which were never intended to compete like businesses, he said.

"I would not run for anything simply to endorse some mythical party platform," he said.

Cain Carries Free-Enterprise Campaign Omaha World Herald (Nebraska) November 30, 1997, Sunday

Funny, someone else in DC is strongly against school choice:

"Obama and his cohorts in the Democratic-controlled Congress have killed the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program, which chooses low-income families from a lottery to receive $7,500 in vouchers for private or parochial school. There have been four applicants for every slot in the scholarship program.

In the President’s budget for 2011, he reduced by 25% the funding for the voucher program, from $12 to $9 million. He did this despite the fact that seven out of ten parents in D.C. want the program expanded.

Duncan has led the charge to kill school choice despite his own department’s research showing that students in the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program perform better in reading than non-voucher students.

“He needs to look outside at his own neighborhood in D.C. There are thousands of kids whose lives literally hang in the balance as they wait to find out if the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, the voucher program, will continue or not,” says Lindsey Burke of The Heritage Foundation.

“And if he really cares about giving students a choice to get out of these poor performing schools, he would stand up for the voucher program.”

The President also inserted a poison pill in his 2011 budget, which closes the voucher program to any new students with the words that it is “the final request for federal funding.” The poison-pill closure of the program originally was put into law by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) who slipped it into the omnibus spending bill in 2009.

As a result, the Department of Education sent 216 public school students letters last year accepting them into the voucher program. Days later, these families were devastated to receive letters from the department rescinding their scholarships. Many of these children were thus denied the freedom to attend private schools and the ones in the program do not know if they will be able to stay in their schools." (Human Events)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Herman, what is your "business experience"?

You like telling about Godfather's pizza, but how well did that do?

Largest Pizza Chains by locations:
  • Pizza Hut - 34,000
  • Domino's - 9,000
  • Papa John's - 3,300
  • Little Caesar's - 2,000
  • Sbarro - 1,064
  • Godfathers Pizza - 653
Let's graph this out:
Only 1% of all the leading pizza place locations - are Godfathers pizza. Speaking of business, Jack Welch was a pretty good businessman. "Welch's public philosophy was that a company should be either #1 or #2 in a particular industry, or else leave it completely."

We all like business people, but if the guy's company isn't even one of the top 500 private businesses, much less the Fortune 500 - then - what qualifies him to run a $3 trillion organization?

Why on earth is a guy who's claim to fame is having led the #6 pizza chain - why on earth is he seriously thinking people want him to be the #1 leader of the free world?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cain in the blogs: He's Dennis Kucinich!

He says a run isn’t definite yet but it’s likely since it looks like the base is ready for an “unconventional candidate.” (Evidently they weren’t ready in 2004, because he got crushed in the Georgia GOP primary by Johnny Isakson.)

There's a place in every primary for an ideological purist and debate champ — think Dennis Kucinich — and radio talker Herman Cain seems to be the early front-runner for that slot on the Republican side in 2012.

Now seriously, how does "Hermantator" get called a radio talk show host, not even making the top 250 talkers, and John H. Cox got pretty much ignored. Random coincidence of the day: Herman and John both lost Senate runs, both claim to be talk show hosts, and the H. in John H. Cox stands for Herman!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Herman, why are you for affirmative action?

Former Godfather's Pizza President Herman Cain, one of the nation's most successful black businessmen, says affirmative action should be continued but its focus should be changed from race-based hiring to economic need.

By emphasizing the economic need of applicants, "then color doesn't become such a divisive issue," Cain said in an interview in Lincoln Monday.

The goal of affirmative action to help the underprivileged would still be achieved because some minorities are poor, so they would still qualify for help in getting into schools or securing government contracts, he said.
Cain: Focus on economics, not race, when hiring Lincoln Journal Star - June 3, 1997 Tuesday

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Herman, why do we need federal voting restrictions?

"Mr. Cain tries to be as conservative as Mac Collins," he said, but pointed to the former Godfather's Pizza CEO's support of an extension of the Voting Rights Act restrictions on 16 Southern states and his support for affirmative action on an individual basis through the "Michigan rule" as ideological differences.
Chattanooga Times Free Press (Tennessee) 7/7/04