Monday, June 6, 2011

Herman - do you have any policies?

- On what he would have done better than George W. Bush: "I would have worked harder to pass personal retirement accounts ... I would have tried to get Karen Hughes to stay on staff and not go back to Texas. She provided a great balance of advice with Karl Rove."
- On Bush's immigration plan: "I don't recall what was in it."
- On free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea: "I don't know the details."
- On Libya: "I would have had a plan before it erupted ... Not knowing what we knew, it's difficult to say how I would have reacted."
- On Afghanistan: "My foreign policy is not an instant-grits policy ... As a successful businessman, I make decisions based on getting as many fo the facts and as much of the advice as I can. Based on the input I receive, I'll make a decision. Right now, without all of the facts, it's irresponsible to announce a Cain plan."

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