Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Herman, do the pro-lifers know what you really think?

You talk a nice line in Georgia...

I believe we need a United States Senator who says what he means in Georgia. Then does what he says in Washington. I'm pro-life today. I'll be pro-life tomorrow. And I'll be pro-life as your Senator. Conservative? You bet. To me it's common sense.


But do people know what you said in Nebraska?

"Too many people in the electorate are single-issue voters," he commented, "and to try and cater to the single-issue voters and the single-issue pockets out there felt like I was compromising my beliefs. As an example, with the pro-life and pro-abortion debate, the most vocal people are on the ends. I am pro-life with exceptions, and people want you to be all or nothing."

Nation's Restaurant News, October 5, 1998

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Herman, what is it with you and affirmative action?

The league's president, Dr. R.Y. Woodhouse, said Smith was chosen partly for his role "as a pioneer and trailblazer for African American politicians."

She also noted Smith's leadership in the city's equal housing amendment, affirmative action legislation, greater city employment of minorities and said he was "a calm and mediating voice during the civil rights struggle in the 1960s and '70s."

The banquet's keynote speaker will be Herman Cain, president and chief executive officer of GodFather's Pizza Inc. Last year, he received the International Food Service Manufacturers Association's operator of the year gold plate award. He serves on a number of boards, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Super Valu Stores Inc. and the National Restaurant Association.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer - June 3, 1992, Wednesday , FINAL

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Herman, did you tell people about your award?

Herman Cain, former National Restaurant Association chairman and now head of his own speakers bureau, won a lifetime achievement award for his efforts to diversify foodservice.

Nation's Restaurant News, August 21, 2000

Really? What does it mean to diversify foodservice? We thought you were the turnaround king for Godfather's pizza?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Herman, how are you going to pander to evangelicals?

“When I contacted the second opinion surgeon, who was a specialist, his name was Dr. Lord, L-O-R-D, I said 'Things are starting to look a little better'…”

“I was given an orientation by a lady whose last name was Grace. I said 'As in Amazing Grace?' She said 'That’s right'...“

“How are you going to do it without cutting me open twice?”
“I’m going to do an incision in the shape of a J”
“You mean like J-E-S-U-S?”
He said, “That’s right!”

C'mon Herman, you can do better than that... at least tell them that you're praying for guidance...

"One question that was asked repeatedly was whether Mr. Cain plans to run for president in 2012. He was noncommittal, but said that he is praying for guidance on the subject."


Just don't tell them about who the people in Nebraska think is the real deity of your faith...

Welcome to the church of Herman Cain.

There are no pews, Bibles or even much talk of God. It's not that sort of ministry.

This is just a businessman from Omaha - dominating a stage set beneath two giant television screens and between two lonely lecterns - preaching to hundreds of Burger King franchisees at their annual convention.

This is more like a traveling salvation show for the business class. The sermon is 100 percent free enterprise. The preacher is chairman of Omaha-based Godfather's Pizza and president of the National Restaurant Association.

Cain Carries Free-Enterprise Campaign Omaha World Herald (Nebraska) November 30, 1997, Sunday,

UPDATE: Please don't tell me you accused others of pandering!!!  HotAir:

But Cain said that the prayerful moments, which were well-received when Bachmann and Pawlenty delivered them yesterday, smacked of candidates trying a little too hard.
“Well, that sounds like the ultimate pander,” he said, dismissively.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Herman, are you an also ran?

Such 2012 non-entities are already lining themselves up for failure. We have Herman Cain, who couldn’t win a primary in his own party for U.S. Senate, styling himself as the heir apparent to Alan Keyes wing of the Republican Party.

Herman, why are gays going for you?

I’m gay and I will support Herman Cain all the way. He’s a good man with a lot of good ideas.

Herman, why does this sound like Stimulus 3?

After this quote, I'm not sure if I need to expose Herman Cain anymore. Seriously - why is this any different than a "tax rebate"

He said he would campaign on providing a one-year payroll tax holiday for workers and employers, which he said would total about the same size as the $787 billion federal economic stimulus. He called the stimulus approved last year "wasteful," but said his plan would be effective because the money would move entirely through the private sector.
-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Herman, why are other people not excited about you?


However, Cain was largely silent during the six years of runaway spending under the Bush Administration and a Republican-controlled Congress. Like most Republicans, he only acknowledged his party’s failings after it was too late to do anything about it.

He backed the Wall Street bailout, or according to Cain, the “recovery plan,” as he called it on his radio show. Cain wrote that nationalizing banks “is not a bad thing.” He even went as far as criticizing opponents of the bailout, calling them “free market purists” and absurdly claiming that no valid criticism had been brought forward.