Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cain in the blogs: He's Dennis Kucinich!

He says a run isn’t definite yet but it’s likely since it looks like the base is ready for an “unconventional candidate.” (Evidently they weren’t ready in 2004, because he got crushed in the Georgia GOP primary by Johnny Isakson.)

There's a place in every primary for an ideological purist and debate champ — think Dennis Kucinich — and radio talker Herman Cain seems to be the early front-runner for that slot on the Republican side in 2012.

Now seriously, how does "Hermantator" get called a radio talk show host, not even making the top 250 talkers, and John H. Cox got pretty much ignored. Random coincidence of the day: Herman and John both lost Senate runs, both claim to be talk show hosts, and the H. in John H. Cox stands for Herman!

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