Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Herman Cain's Flip Flop Hero?

Usually when a candidate flip flops excessively, he has a mentor, a hero, a role model.

Could he have as a mentor that Republican who gave new meaning to the term "Flip Flop" - the one whose "health care reform" inspired Obamacare? The man whose flip-flops fill the web, especially at

While the internet is being carefully scrubbed of references to his past, Cain actually did support Mitt Romney!

the "Economic Freedom Coalition":

Mitt Romney has done that as a chief executive officer in business, as a governor and as head of the U.S. Olympics. He has done so while balancing political consequences, but not compromising fundamental principles of the founding of this country or free-market economics. We have prospered as a nation by strengthening those principles, and will not remain strong if we allow those principles to become diluted with a lack of leadership...

Mitt Romney's history is more indicative of the substance needed to make major progress on critical issues, and not just to make more politically palatable incremental changes in Washington D.C....

But Mitt Romney's leadership credentials offer the best hope of a leader with substance, and the best hope for a good president who could turn out to be great.

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