Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Herman Cain flip-flops: Audit the Fed, School Choice, Iraq Withdrawal, and counting...

Flip Flop on: Audit the Fed

HT United Liberty:

But here we are just four weeks and a presidential campaign announcement later, and Cain has done a turnabout... Before Cain said anything about the Federal Reserve, I noted that while he is an incredibly nice and approachable guy, Cain is inconsistent and somewhat of an opportunist. My friends, what I’ve posted above is “Exhibit A.”

This is a great link on Herman Cain's flip-flop on auditing the Fed - take the time and read it!

Flip Flop on: School Vouchers

As we mentioned earlier, Herman Cain opposed vouchers in his last run for president because public schools "were never intended to compete like businesses".


Yes, he said. “Competition makes everything better.” He told about the success of the Washington DC school choice program, with over 90 percent of the students going on to college. But the Democrat-led Congress and the President would not re-authorize the program. The teachers unions don’t like competition, he said, and this was the reason why.

-Wichita Liberty

Flip Flop on: Iraq Withdrawal

A few minutes earlier, Cain himself had said that he thought Bush would begin a gradual draw down of troops. The next thing you know, he's ranting about the need to not cut and run when somebody else makes the same point. Cain wrote a book called They Think You're Stupid. Cain must think we're stupid, too.


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  1. You forgot negotiating with terrorists and
    the assassination of Alwalki and
    totally prolife but endorsed anti-lifers when prolifers were still in the running (I wouldn't do that- so pretty fair to expect that of someone I vote for). and in his own words before he had said he had "exceptionS(plural)" for life.