Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Herman, tell us more about your radio show

Like Americans like successful people. How successful is your radio show? Surely its one of the top 100 talk radio programs in the country right? Let's check Talker's Magazine Heavy Hundred. Huh, you're not on the top 100. Maybe they don't have your station listed - oh wait:
  • WSB's Neil Boortz - #13
  • WSB's Clark Howard - #28
Maybe they just don't like conservatives - oh wait:
  • Rush Limbaugh - #1
  • Sean Hannity - #2
  • Glenn Beck - #3
  • Michael Savage - #4
Or at least one of the top 250, right - oh wait. You're not even ranked as one of the second-tier hosts - the #101-250 talkers in the country? Even fellow African American Conservative Armstrong Williams made the list - and he got busted for getting paid to plug No Child Left Behind.

At least WSB must put you in prime time because you're so wonderful, right? Oh wait - you're not the prime time drive time host - they run Hannity. You're the guy after Hannity that they'll bump for UGA Men's Basketball.

Sounds like John Cox, another radio host that ran for president and sued Fox News because they wouldn't let him in on their debate.


  1. I have a feeling you are a liberal afraid that if Cain gains ground you won't be able to call conservatives racists....

    Bro Hiram

  2. Let's try for a real conservative who made a dent by breaking double digits. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Keyes#2000_Presidential_election